You may choose a traditional ceremony or a simple garden gathering. I will ensure your ceremony will be exceptional.

An example of the wedding ceremonies I can provide:

  • Formal and informal ceremonies
  • Elopements – no fuss but elegant ceremonies which only require the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses over 18.
  • Wedding Rituals include – sand ceremony, unity candle lighting, hand fasting, wine ceremony, rose ceremony.


Couples chose to renew their vows for various reasons. This may be to acknowledge a wedding anniversary or a special birthday! The couple may wish to renew their marriage ceremony with family and friends who were not able to attend their original ceremony.

A couple may have experienced a difficult stage of their relationship and want to rekindle their love through a renewal ceremony.

A renewal of vows is a reminder of times gone by, an expression of love for each other and a renewal of hopes and dreams for the future. I will provide you with a unique and magical ceremony which you will always remember. You may choose to include parts of your original ceremony, special music, readings etc. You may invite members of your original bridal party. I can provide you with a range of readings, rituals, music and ideas to ensure your renewal ceremony is one that will delight you.


Couples may wish to make a special commitment to each other and publicly declare their promise of love to one another. They may not however, want to take the step into a legal marriage. I can provide a commitment ceremony which will be deeply meaningful and celebrates the significance of your union.

A Commitment ceremony is not a wedding but provides an opportunity for the couple to share their promises and their love for each other with friends and family.

Commitment ceremonies are not legally recognised in Australia; however they can be designed to suit your own particular requirements with grace and meaning.

Same sex couples may chose a commitment ceremony which will enable them to be part of a meaningful unique and inspiring ceremony which they will always cherish.

I will support you in your journey and include any ideas which reflect your love and aspirations as a couple.

A beautiful commitment certificate will be provided to the couple.


I am able to provide you with a baby naming ceremony which will be a perfect opportunity to officially welcome your baby into a loving circle of family and friends and formally announce the name you have chosen for them.

You may choose special people to support and guide the child through their journey in life.The naming ceremony may include important godparents and extended family members such as grandparents.The ceremony will acknowledge the important role these people play in a baby’s life.Relationships within families will be strengthened and parents, godparents and grandparents are reminded of their responsibilities to the child.

Your naming ceremony will be unique to your family.A ceremony will be written according to your needs and wishes.

Rituals may include a sand ceremony, unity candle, wishing box.

Naming ceremonies are very affordable.A beautiful naming certificate will also be supplied.


A celebration of life is a tribute to the deceased.Every service is different and will include the family’s wishes and acknowledgements.

I will ensure your funeral service is thoroughly prepared and delivered with sensitivity and care.